Are you feeling tired and unwell? You are likely too acidic and dehydrated!

Drink water that is alkaline and natural to reduce acidity and offer maximum hydration to your body.

Alkalise Now available in 600ml, 1.5lt, 10lt and 15lt

Alkalise Now available in 600ml, 1.5lt, 10lt and 15lt

3 Major reasons why you need alkalise now spring water for your home or office:

1. Over acidity brings about many diseases. Drinking alkaline water reduces acid waste leading to health.

2. Australians are chronically dehydrated, alkalise now is the most efficient way of hydrating the body naturally.

3. Alkalise Now is a live spring water, we don’t mechanically enhance or manipulate the water in any way.

Here is what others have said:

I only recently resumed drinking alkalise now in the past 3 months, as my health was starting to deteriorate. I was overweight and I was starting to feel arthritic pain. I realised that my body was struggling because of the toxic build up so I decided I needed to alkalise my body again, the first thing I did was start drinking alkaline now spring water, the weight has just gradually fallen off me which is great. I feel more positive about the long term outlook of maintaining my ideal body weight. And the pain in my joints has almost completely disappeared.

Karen Burge


Prior to starting on the alkaline water I was experiencing Acid Reflux at least once a week. Since drinking the water I have noticed that I have not had any reflux now for at least 3 months. Another thing I have noticed is how regular my bowel movements have become, how they don’t smell as much as they used too, and how I don’t experience anywhere near as much gas and bloating.



I suffered for many years from food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, asthma and hay fever. In my later years I developed a lot of inflammatory conditions including arthritis particularly in my knees. This stopped me from being able to pursue the physical activities I enjoyed. I began to change my diet and drink alkaline water and in a very short period of time I no longer have any of the symptoms I previously experienced. Most significantly I am back enjoying my physical activities including running 10km, paddling 20km easily on my surf ski, swimming and cycling.

John Forsyth 60 years old