Natural Alkaline Spring Water reduces acidity and offers maximum hydration to your body

For optimal health and to maintain a life of vitality and longevity


Alkalise Now is the Roll’s Royce of hydration and cleansing for the body. It’s not only natural spring water that is Alkaline, but it has the minerals that differentiate between artificially manipulated alkaline pure water (processed through machines originally derived from tap water) and our natural spring water. The key difference is with Alkalise Now is that it is a true spring. Meaning that it does actually come to the surface naturally. These days pretty well without exception all spring waters in Australia (both alkaline and non-alkaline) should really be called ‘bore waters’ as that is the true definition due to the fact that they have bores put down and are pumped to the surface. This is not the case with Alkalise Now, making it truly a unique and 100% natural product. Hence why we tend to attract a very loyal following as our customer base know it’s the real deal. This subtle but yet powerful point of difference leaves the electromagnetics of the water 100% intact. The other key factor is what is delivered today has been bottled in the last 48 hours directly from the spring north of Barrington. The PET (BPA Free) bottles have never seen sunlight as our whole distribution network is transported under cover which is incredibly important given that the PET plastic bottles we use only weakness are they don’t react well with sunlight.

Alkalise Now Natural Alkaline Spring Water has a silky mouthfeel taste and it is rich in essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate and Chloride.  The natural alkalinity and essential trace minerals offer a range of health benefits and fast hydrating effect.

Naturally rich in minerals and oxygen, the extra hydration, detoxing and antioxidant effects will leave you feeling more energized and healthier than ever. Bottled at the source North of Barrington Tops, NSW, Australia under strict environmental processes, our Alkaline Spring Water is completely natural (not artificially modified) AND TASTES AMAZING. 

Water is the most IMPORTANT DECISION you can make for your HEALTH and ALKALISE NOW has the best natural combination of minerals and high pH, bringing to you a source of vitality and well being.

PLUS all of our bottles are BPA FREE!




Toxic Remover

Anti Aging

Clearer SkinBoosts Immunity

Neutralizes the acidity in the body

Rich in essential minerals and potent antioxidants

Superior Hydration


Weight Loss

Muscle Fuel

Calorie Control

Natural Diuretic

Body Detox

Increase Energy Level


PH Balance

Super Hydration

Reduce Acid Build Up

Relieves Nausea

Liver Tonic

Anti Hangover

Alleviate Arthrits

Cholesterol Reduction

Breaks Down Phlegm


Best Water Ever

Totally Natural, it’s known as “live water“, the best water that you can have in Australia, technically classified as: Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water

Rich Composition

It comes from an underground source, protected from pollution and has a consistent mineral composition (calcium, magnesium, Bi-Carbonate, Potassium, sulphate, etc…) combined with high Ph

Best Deal for your Health

Feel the difference in your body and you’ll see yourself more energised, healthier and revigoratedIt helps slow down the ageing process, regulate pH levels of the body and prevent various chronic diseases.

Local Business

100% Newcastle-owned and family operated Spring Water Company. Free Delivery in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast Regions. 

The importance of an alkaline/acid balance in a western diet has become an increasingly important focus in the west due to the fact that for many years this has got way out of balance. Currently the western diet is approximately 80% acid and 20% alkaline and truth are it should be reversed. Our blood is 7.38 and if it was to ever become acid you would die immediately.

Dr. Batmanghelidj in his book ‘The bodies many cries for water’ suggests that over 90% of illnesses in the body are due to dehydration and nothing hydrates better than Alkalise Now. Water is also supposed to be the bodies natural cleanser and again due to the perfectly balanced pH of our water being 8 and the natural mineral content it will maximise the cleansing effect on the body doing a beautiful job working on a cellular level.

We have loads of customers that blow our mind daily with extraordinary comments about how Alkalise Now has made a massive difference to their health and in many cases completely seems to rectify any health challenges they were having. Examples are; migraines, fibromyalgia, dermatitis, arthritis, body pain such as back and joints, being tired,  feeling low energy, and general well being.

Customers also get so used to feeling great that its often not until they go away on holidays and don’t have the luxury of having the water to drink that they notice how great the water has been previously. They’ll often say by not drinking on while on holidays it reminds them how good it is. Hence they become a devoted WOW customer and often this results in them referring a friend.


Rental Water Coolers

We also supply a large range of Water Coolers. FREE Delivery, Installment and servicing (every 6 months)  of any Water Cooler. Check the options contacting us.

Dispensers and Accessories

Check our dispensers, benchtops and all accessories to enjoy Alkalise Now Spring Water at home or at work.


Happy Customers

“I only recently resumed drinking alkalise now in the past 3 months, as my health was starting to deteriorate. I was overweight and I was starting to feel arthritic pain. I realised that my body was struggling because of the toxic build up so I decided I needed to alkalise my body again, the first thing I did was start drinking alkaline now spring water, the weight has just gradually fallen off me which is great. I feel more positive about the long term outlook of maintaining my ideal body weight. And the pain in my joints has almost completely disappeared.”

Karen Burge, Newcastle

“Prior to starting on the alkaline water I was experiencing Acid Reflux at least once a week. Since drinking the water I have noticed that I have not had any reflux now for at least 3 months. Another thing I have noticed is how regular my bowel movements have become, how they don’t smell as much as they used too, and how I don’t experience anywhere near as much gas and bloating.”

Peter, Newcastle

“I suffered for many years from food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, asthma and hay fever. In my later years I developed a lot of inflammatory conditions including arthritis particularly in my knees. This stopped me from being able to pursue the physical activities I enjoyed. I began to change my diet and drink alkaline water and in a very short period of time I no longer have any of the symptoms I previously experienced. Most significantly I am back enjoying my physical activities including running 10km, paddling 20km easily on my surf ski, swimming and cycling.”

John Forsyth, Stockton

“I am delighted to endorse Alkalise Now Spring Water. As well as drinking 2 – 3 litres a day, I also use it in any food preparation or cooking – no nasty ‘chemical cocktail’ tap water for me.  The hydration effectiveness of Alkalise Now is excellent.   It is a vital ingredient for me in maintaining a disease-resistant alkaline body especially used in conjunction with a plant-based diet and regular exercise.  In this way I am enjoying the fantastic health a hydrated alkaline body provides.”

Helen Palmer, Cessnock

“We can’t breathe the cleanest air on earth everyday but thankfully we can drink water from natures perfect filter. This water really hydrates and alkalises our bodies and is our defence against all the unavoidable acidic elements of life. It’s really a gift to ourselves.”

David Paine, Newcastle

“I have been very aware of my weight over the years and it had been fairly stable prior to starting on the alkaline water. After drinking it consistently for 1 week my weight increased by 1 kilo. For someone conscious of their weight this was quite shocking to me as I had done nothing else differently. Over the next couple of weeks however, my weight drifted back down and then decreased by about 1 kilo. Upon doing some further research I realized the weight gain was because the water had actually hydrated my cells (unlike other more acidic waters which don’t actually hydrate your cells). Once my body adjusted to being hydrated my weight once again stabilized and actually went lower than when I first started drinking the water.”

Tracey Mullen,  Newcastle

I put my sister on to this as I have been using it for 8 months and she suffered from psoriasis. She was on heavy medication to keep it under control. Since she has been using it she noticed that it was less inflamed she has been able to cut back on the medication to a mild dose. we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Denise Payne,  Newcastle

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Our warehouse is open Monday to Friday 9am – 4:30pm.

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