I have been very aware of my weight over the years and it had been fairly stable prior to starting on the alkaline water. After drinking it consistently for 1 week my weight increased by 1 kilo. For someone conscious of their weight this was quite shocking to me as I had done nothing else differently. Over the next couple of weeks however my weight drifted back down and then decreased by about 1 kilo. Upon doing some further research I realised the weight gain was because the water had actually hydrated my cells (unlike other more acidic waters which don’t actually hydrate your cells). Once my body adjusted to being hydrated my weight once again stabilised and actually went lower than when I first started drinking the water.

Tracey Mullen


I am delighted to endorse Alkalise Now Spring Water. As well as drinking 2 – 3 litres a day, I also use it in any food preparation or cooking – no nasty ‘chemical cocktail’ tap water for me.  The hydration effectiveness of Alkalise Now is excellent.   It is a vital ingredient for me in maintaining a disease-resistant alkaline body especially used in conjunction with a plant-based diet and regular exercise.  In this way I am enjoying the fantastic health a hydrated alkaline body provides.

Helen Palmer


I suffered for many years from food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, asthma and hay fever. In my later years I developed a lot of inflammatory conditions including arthritis particularly in my knees. This stopped me from being able to pursue the physical activities I enjoyed.

I began to change my diet and drink alkaline water and in a very short period of time I no longer have any of the symptoms I previously experienced. Most significantly I am back enjoying my physical activities including running 10km, paddling 20km easily on my surf ski, swimming and cycling.

John Forsyth 60 years old


We can’t breathe the cleanest air on earth everyday but thankfully we can drink water from natures perfect filter. This water really hydrates and alkalises our bodies and is our defence against all the unavoidable acidic elements of life. It’s really a gift to ourselves.

David Paine


When I first started drinking Alkaline Spring Water I noticed that I was starting to get pimples on my face and around my hairline. I am a 46 year old male who hadn’t experienced acne since I was a teenager. I also noticed that my bowel movements became more regular increasing from once a day to most often twice a day. It has now been 6 months since I have been drinking the alkaline water regularly and I can say thankfully no more acne however my bowel movements have remained regular



Prior to starting on the alkaline water I was experiencing Acid Reflux at least once a week. Since drinking the water I have noticed that I have not had any reflux now for at least 3 months. Another thing I have noticed is how regular my bowel movements have become, how they don’t smell as much as they used too, and how I don’t experience anywhere near as much gas and bloating.



I had constant heartburn until I started drinking alkalise now and I no longer feel sick. I love the feeling of being hydrated.

Sherynne Smith


I was drinking Alkalise Now Natural Spring Water for 3 months then I decided to try the artificial processed alkaline water I got from our local organic shop. On switching, I started to get stomach cramps. I kept drinking it for a few days, unsure if it was the water, I went back onto alkalise now and the cramps stopped immediately

Patrick Levesque


I am writing this to thank you for taking the time to contact me and tell me about the alkaline water you sell. I had been struggling to enjoy my water drinking experience due to excessive burping and some ‘indigestion’ and even occasional acid reflux symptoms. I seemed to do better with some carbonated waters but generally it was an ever-present condition. Once I started drinking the alkaline water I stopped drinking any other water, was satisfied with less, and my embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms reduced dramatically. The change was clear, unequivocal, immediate and persistent, and a great relief.

Thank you very much


Delivery driver from Toronto, Newcastle

Is it just water?

There are many health kicks going these days to grab your money, one of the few things we pay attention to is water.

I have boo hooed alkaline water for so long.. After being treated at Mackay bio chemist Greenhills it has revolutionized my taste buds.. suddenly water tastes acidic i cant believe it.. so i bought some water from ‘alkalise now’.. I have now water isn’t just water and there is a difference.

This water from alkalise now is amazing its much lighter than normal water i cant get enough of it.. i have hated water for so long i never knew why, after tasting it you wont want to drink anything else..

Thanks alkalise now..

Samantha Perkins