Bottled Alkalise Now Spring Water BPA Free

Available Sizes: 15L, 10L, 1,5L and 600mL

Water Coolers

Alkalise Now Spring Water in an easy dispensing cooler makes the best quality spring water available to the people you care most about, all the time.

And it’s easy to arrange. Simply phone through or email your order and we’ll deliver, install and remove any empty bottles.


The ceramic wells have a removable spike. The spike is designed to pierce the cap of the bottle without removing cap. We have a choice of colours to coordinate with your interior – Ask us about colours available. 

Hand Pumps

Our hand pumps are a great way to have easy access to your alkaline spring water. They fit neatly to the top of the bottle without you even needing to pick the bottle up of the floor. Just fit to the top of the bottle and fill your glass. 

Check our accessories (paper cups, stands, racks, cup holders, etc)

Water Bottle Dispenser Stand

A great and convenient solution to have water anywhere you need.