The Importance Of Drinking Alkaline Natural Spring Water

By Anton Du Plessis, P.Hd (Nutritional Bio-Chemist) McKay Biochemist, East Maitland, NSW

The more you know about the importance of water for your health, the more you will understand why drinking NATURAL ALKALINE water from a reputable natural spring source is critical? Water is the most important decision you can make for your health.
* Research has shown that a 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25-30% loss of energy in most people, a 15% drop causes death.

  • 85% of brain tissue is alkaline water and dehydration causes energy generation in the brain to decrease. 75% of the human body is water at 7.3 to 7.4 pH.
  • Dehydration has been linked to depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Even MILD dehydration will slow down the body’s metabolism as much as 3%.

Each day 2.5 liters of water is lost through normal bodily functions, like breathing and perspiring, (even when it is cold)

  • Lack of alkaline water is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue.
  • Drinking the equivalent of 5 glasses of alkaline water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%.
  • Drinking the equivalent of 5 glasses of alkaline water a day decreases the risk of breast cancer by 79%.
  • Optimising alkaline water intake allows the body to drop weight, because improves bodily functions allowing the body to eliminate stored fat.
  • Lack of alkaline water and aging makes our skin become drier. Proper hydration is vital to keeping skin looking smooth, healthy and young.
  • Dehydrated cartilage increases friction forces to the joints, resulting in joint deterioration and pain. Approximately 75% of the upper body’s weight is dependent on the hydraulic effects of water stored there.
  • Lack of alkaline water causes a thickening of the blood making it difficult for the heart to pump and also shuts down capillaries making it difficult for nutrients to get to vital organs.
  • Histamine levels increase with dehydration, by the time you feel thirsty, the damage has already occurred.

Studies indicate that alkaline water may be the most powerful healing substance ever known to man. It is the second most important nutrient next to the air we breath. So do your body a favour and drink at least 2 Litres of Alkaline water daily. And if you exercise, drink more!

I highly recommend Alkalise Now Alkaline Water for it’s quality and alkalinity, and have been prescribing it to my patients to help them with a wide variety of health issues, with great results. Be careful of imitations!

Alkalise Your Way to Optimal Health

Are you looking to lose weight, prevent disease, or reclaim your health? Research shows that unless the body’s pH level is slightly alkaline, the body cannot heal itself. Your body pH affects everything. Forget cholesterol counts, calories and fat grams, blood pressure, blood sugar or hormone levels. It’s all about balance — the pH balance in your body’s blood. The body has to have a balanced pH or it does not function correctly. The alkaline level is very important because disease cannot survive in an alkaline state and yet they thrive in an acidic environment.

A diet high in acidifying foods such as meat, dairy, grains, high sugar fruits and bread, emotional stress, toxic overload or any process that deprives the cells of oxygen and other nutrients causes acid wastes to build up in the body. This creates an acidic pH which all disease will thrive in.

To reverse this and create an alkaline pH we must hydrate our bodies with alkaline water and consume a diet high in alkalizing foods. Our Alkaline water has a pH of 7.8 and will neutralize harmful stored acid wastes and gently remove them from the tissues allowing your body to become more alkaline.


  • Create an alkaline environment full of oxygen in the cells and tissues so that disease cannot survive.
  • Slow down the ageing process by removing toxins and acidic waste from the cells.
  • Enhance physical energy and gain greater mental clarity by hydrating your cells.
  • If you maintain the body’s pH, ideally at 7.2 or above, you will never get sick.
  • Empower cells and tissues to repair themselves creating optimal health and longevity.

To Understand the Benefits of an Alkaline Lifestyle – Read the following article: Health Secrets of the Hunza’s

It is believed that among these people centenarians are a common occurrence, and that it is not unusual for elderly persons to reach the venerable age of 130. It has even been reported that a significant number have survived to the incredible age of 145!

These people are not the product of legend, nor is the country they inhabit a mythical utopia. They call themselves the Hunzas (pronounced Hoonzas) and live in the mountain peaks of the Himalayas. It is said that this tiny group of people, residing in an inaccessible valley about 3000 meters (9000 feet) above sea level, are more or less completely cut off from the outside world. It is also said that they are the happiest people on earth.

Another important point to understand is that the health of the Hunzas is not characterized by the simple absence of disease, although that in itself is quite an accomplishment. More than just not being affected by diseases that strike down so many of our peers in the prime of life, the Hunzas seem to possess boundless energy and enthusiasm, and at the same time are surprisingly serene. Compared to the average Hunza, a westerner of the same age – even one who is considered extremely fit – would seem sickly. And not only seem sickly, but actually be sick!

Exceptional Longevity – The life expectancy of the average Westerner is about 70 years. The life expectancy of the average Hunza is 100 years. At one hundred years old, a Hunza is considered neither old nor even elderly. Even more extraordinary is the fact that Hunzas remain surprisingly youthful in all ways, no matter what their chronological age is. According to a number of sources, it is not uncommon for 90 year old Hunza men to father children. Hunza women of 80 or more look no older than a western woman of 40 – and not only any woman, but one who is in excellent shape. They also force us to ask the following question: is there some secret technique that allows these people to live so long, and stay so healthy? The answer is yes – the Hunzas do know something we don’t.

The benefits of living an alkalizing lifestyle….(There isn’t just one secret, there are many!!)

  1. They drink substantial amounts of “Glacial Milk” which is milky colored water fresh melted from base of glaciers, rich in rock flour and minerals and high alkalinity.
  2. Secondly as important is their nutrition. The basic precept of their common notion of what constitutes a proper diet is simple: the food you eat is your best medicine.
  • They eat frugally, ie only 2 meals a day. Hunzas eat primarily for the establishment and maintenance of health rather than for pleasure.
  •  Hunza food is completely natural, containing no chemical additives whatsoever. Everything is as fresh as it can possibly be, and in its original unsalted state. The only “processing” consists of drying some fresh fruits in the the sun, and making butter and cheese out of milk. No chemicals or artificial fertilizers are used in their gardens. In fact, it is against the law of Hunza to spray gardens with pesticides. In a word, the Hunzas eat as they live – organically.
  • They eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. For the most part, these are consumed fresh and raw, although some vegetables are cooked for a short time. Their preferred fruits and vegetables include potatoes, string beans, peas, carrots, turnip, squash, spinach, lettuce, apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries and blackberries. They also have a particular fondness for apricot pits. Almonds are eaten whole, or used to make oil through a process that has been transmitted from generation to generation.
  •  A large part of their diet is composed of grains: barley, millet, buckwheat and wheat. Chapatti bread is eaten at every meal and contains all essential elements. It can be made from wheat, millet, buckwheat or barley flour, but what is most important is that the flour is whole, i.e. it is not refined, and has not had its germ removed. The germ of grains has astonishing nutritive properties. For one thing, it contains all of a grain’s Vitamin E content. This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining sexual functions in both humans and animals, and as you may know, sexual activity, which is directly related to the proper functioning of the hormonal system, is vital for health.
  •  Milk and cheese are important sources of animal protein. Meat, although not completely eliminated, is consumed only very rarely, reserved for special occasions like marriages or festivals. This fact is no doubt one of the reasons why the Hunzas have such healthy digestive systems. Even when meat is served, portions are very small: meat is cut into small pieces and stewed for a long time. Beef and mutton are rarely used – chicken is their most common source of animal protein. The important thing to remember is that although the Hunzas are not wholly vegetarian, meat forms a minimal part of their daily diet. They generally eat meat only once a week, if that often, and live longer and stay healthier than we do.
  • Yogurt is also a staple of the Hunza diet. Yogurt, which replenishes intestinal flora, is extremely beneficial for the human organism.
  •  Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, beechnuts, etc. also comprise an important part of the Hunza diet. Along with fruit, or mixed into salads, nuts often constitute an entire meal.
  1. Another great Hunza health secret is the amount of time each day devoted to physical exercise. Most exercise is done outdoors in order to take advantage of the pure mountain air, which in itself has a beneficial effect on health. Although a large part of their day is spent outdoors, working the fields, the Hunzas do a lot more than that. For one thing, they take regular walks – a 15 or 20 kilometre hike is considered quite normal.
  2. In addition to daily physical exercise, the Hunzas practice certain basic yoga techniques, notably yogic breathing, which is slow, deep and rhythmic, and which makes use of the entire thoracic cavity. They also believe relaxation is the key to health, and the Hunzas, both young and old, practice it regularly, doing short meditation sessions a number of times a day.
  3. The Hunzas rise with the sun, and go to bed at nightfall. The reason for this is simple: they possess no artificial means of illumination – no electricity, no gas, no oil. On the other hand, they are completely in tune with nature.Follow the example set by the Hunzas, and yes, you can overcome disease, stress and depression. Don’t wait – the best time to start living right is right now!
    Adapted from an article “Health Secrets of The Hunzas” by Donald G Carty. USA

The importance of drinking water by Anton Du Plessis – Nutritional Biochemist – McKay BioChemist.

Do you drink a lot of tap water and find you are running to the toilet all the time?

The reason is; your body recognises the chemicals in it as foreign substances and poisons and it is trying to eliminate it by sending it straight to your kidneys to be eliminated via urine.

When you drink good quality spring alkaline water your blood cells absorb the water and you are not running to the toilet constantly.  This helps your kidneys as they are not having to work so hard and your entire immune system is enhanced because you are hydrating your body with usable water – your life blood.

Dehydration occurs when;

1. You are NOT Drinking enough water AND

2.  You are NOT drinking good quality water.

If you don’t drink good quality water you are not able to assimilate and absorb it correctly.

The following symptoms may be an indication that you are not drinking enough water; fatigue, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, dry and wrinkled skin, brittle hair and nails, cold fingers and toes, constipation, eczema, headaches, urinary tract infections and muscle pains.

70% of your body and 90% of your blood is made up of water.  If you don’t get enough water into your body then your body will gather water from whatever sources it can within itself.  It will tap your blood, cell fluid, infra-cellular fluid, and even your stools and urine. It is like bathing the cells and brain in recycled sewerage water!  This will impact your physical and mental health and speed up the aging process. The bloodstream provides your cells and organs with oxygen and nutrients, and takes away any waste products. Hydrated blood is essential and important for your health and for eliminating toxins.

In the same way we avoid processed foods we should avoid man made “alkaline water” which is tap water put through a filtering system with chemicals added to give it alkalinity. This becomes a chemically enhanced product.

It is important to drink water to hydrate properly because, as little as 2% of dehydration can cause foggy brain, tiredness, lower back pain, constipation and other arthritic conditions. 

When dehydrated, the body will tap the water from cells and blood to keep the vital organs functional causing the blood to become thicker, increasing the risk for clotting, and making it harder to pump it through the system – hence the accumulation of toxins. This can have a serious impact on blood pressure and heart disease. Lack of water is also linked to headaches, pain and tension in muscles and joints. It even causes stomach aches and heartburn. Everything is connected throughout the body, and it’s important not to neglect one of its fundamental tools.

How Much Water Do You Need?

In general, you need about 2 Liters of pure water (natural alkaline spring) a day.  You will need more water if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or exercising and you need to take into account the diuretic effects of coffee, tea, alcohol and sodas as well as salty foods.

Alkaline spring water is the only water proven to be easily absorbed into the cells of our bodies as it is recognised as a positive nutrient.

Drink only good quality alkaline spring water to enhance your immunity, feel better, look better and rid your body of toxic material that could be harming your wellbeing.  Like any toxic material it will go rancid and by ridding it from your body you will be giving yourself a better chance of living a healthier life.


There has been recent media coverage regarding the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) to manufacture polycarbonate bottles.

BPA is component in the resin used to make our polycarbonate 11L and 15L bottles along with many other food related packaging including the linings of most canned foods.

In countless studies BPA (at normal low exposure levels) has been shown to be safe for human health. Concerns have mainly centred around the heating of baby bottles in microwaves and the potential effect on infants in particular but not on polycarbonate water bottles.

For more information, download the International Bottled Water Association’s (IBWA)

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  1. We are what we drink…

Our bodies are nothing but a constant flow of water. 95% of our blood, 75% of our brain, and even 22% of our bones is water. Water like air is essential for the healthy functioning of our body. We can survive several weeks without food, but not more than a few days without water. (Source: Australian Bottled Water Industry website)

Health and nutrition experts recommend we drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Good quality drinking water should provide us with essential minerals and nutrients. Contaminated water can cause disease.

  1. Tap water, is it safe to drink?

Sydney tap water flows through over 20,000 kms of mains pipe before it is drunk; some of these pipelines are more than a century old and are decaying. This makes the water’s journey a perilous one which can add bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants to the chemical cocktail coming from the treatment plants…..

Please read more in “The Daily Telegraph” August 4 1998 article “Slime On Tap”. In addition to this every year around 80,000 tons of poisonous and reactive chemicals are added to Australia’s drinking water supply to make it safe for human consumption. Tap water is nothing but a “Chemical Cocktail”

Adding chemicals to our drinking water will lead to the same sort of cancer epidemics in Australia they’ve now got in the US. There’s a growing view among environmental scientists that high cancer rates in certain cities relate to the fact that they’ve been drinking a chemical cocktail for the past few decades. – By Professor Harry Recher, Australian, 12 March 1991.

  1. Chlorination linked to killer disease.

Chlorine is one of the most reactive elements in nature. It is only found in free form in volcanic gas. Chlorine dissolves in water, to form hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions. Water is chlorinated by adding chlorine gas to it or by adding calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine has been linked to high blood pressure, anemia and diabetes; it contributes to heart disease by causing thickening of the arteries. Chlorine has been added to public drinking water without a study into its harmful effects. The term “chlorinated water” is misleading, as the final product is not water, but a dilute solution of hypochlorous acid.

This reactivity of chlorine is both a blessing and a curse, chlorine kills bacteria, but some of the chlorine reactions can generate potentially hazardous chemicals.

  1. By products of chlorination are carcinogenic…

Hundreds of potentially hazardous chemicals and gases are produced when elemental chlorine spontaneously reacts with natural organic contaminants such as decaying leaves, ash from bush fires and pollen present in water. Their organochlorine offspring are known as disinfection byproducts. Several are classified as cancer causing agents or carcinogens. Among these are volatile organic gases or THM’s, these include chloroform, bromoform and bromodichloromethane. Chlorinated tap water has also been linked to cancer, immune disorders, miscarriages and birth abnormalities.

In March 2001 a group of 43 Canadian women formed a THM Victim’s Group to bring a legal action against a city of Chesapeake. Their claims include charges that city and health officials concealed test information on THM levels and failed to provide adequate warning of elevated levels of THM’s in the water and failed to disclose to the public the association between THM’s and miscarriages, still birth and birth defects.

Expert consultant Dwyer Leslie warned Sydney Water in 1991: Available evidence suggests that chlorine by-products may have significant health impact with a role in causation of some cancers (colon and bladder). It is now considered that perhaps THM’s are a lesser problem than Mutagen X (MX), which has a considerable mutagenic potential and wider distribution.

By 1993 experts had learned to test for MX more effectively and expanded their understanding of its effects – Chlorinated drinking water was found to be mutagenic and a number of compounds responsible were identified. One of these, MX, has shown to account for 30-60% of mutagenic activity detected in drinking water… Target organs appear to be bladder, urinary tract and gastro-intestinal tract.

Q: So what is your safety conscious water authority doing about limiting the formation of MX in your tap water?  … Sydney On Tap by John Archer 1998.


Traces of cancer and psychiatric drugs were found in Britain’s tap water, according to a 100-page report commissioned by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).
Despite extensive purification treatments used by water companies, traces of bleomycin, a cancer chemotherapy drug, and diazepam, a sedative, have been found in the drinking water.Though experts say the drug levels are too low to pose a direct health risk, concerns have been raised about exposing pregnant women to the drugs, which could harm an unborn child.

A separate study by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Wallingford, Oxfordshire also revealed that chemotherapy drugs are being washed into Britain’s rivers. The report estimated that an adult who drinks more than three pints of water a day would receive doses of the drugs between 300 and 30,000 times lower than recommended safety levels each week.
drinking water
Still, some experts are worried…..”There is not evidence to show that drinking water treatment removes all these drugs, so while we are not wanting to alarm people, it would be foolish to assume there is no risk,” said scientist Andrew Johnson, who led the Wallingford study.
Sources  The Telegraph January 13, 2008